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This Month:

  • ABCD's ~ Continued
  • AED Grant Program 
  • Free AED Trainers for Affiliates!
  • Affiliate Links! 
  • Upcoming issues.

Continuing the effort....ABCD's of CPR
As a part of our commitment to introduce the essential principals of Early Defibrillation to the population,  American EHS / American CPR has:

  • Released our New, expanded full color Student Training Materials, teaching the ABCD's of CPR at Bystander and Professional CPR levels. 

  • Released our New Instructor Materials and Expanded Instructor Manual including AED principals and Instruction techniques.

  • Released our new AED Grant Program available for all your clients money and earn a commission! (See below)

  • Released the first two of our New Videos! In conjunction with the producers of the Canadian and British Red Cross videos, we have released 2 videos for the US market...Bystander CPR & Healthcare CPR including AED. ~Look for our Basic First Aid & Emergency Care video early in 2004...all  include the ABCD's of CPR.

  • DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... the Free CardiacScience AED Trainer package is NOW AVAILABLE...see the package below!

  • All elements of our ABCD's Program, listed above have been included in the AMAZING ONE TIME OFFER for Affiliate Instructors in good standing shown below.

Welcome to the October issue of the American EHS / American CPR monthly Affiliate Instructor Newsletter!


AED Grant Program
American EHS / American CPR announced its AED grant program last Month...designed initially for Public Entities, this corporate sponsored Grant program is providing funds for purchasing AED's and equipment for Private companies as of this issue, over 100 Public & Private Organizations have applied for and received this grant is an easy one page application, and best of all, American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructors get $100 commission each time they submit an application which is approved! (Not to mention the future training opportunity this creates) Click here to view program 

FREE CardiacScience AED TRAINER...and a lot more!

Here it is!!! Our Affiliate Instructor AED Training Pack only 100 available, and only to American EHS . American CPR Affiliate Instructors in good standing...get everything you see above and more...Manikin, training bags, Materials for certifying 70 students, all the demonstration materials for classroom teaching, 2 videos, and a FREE CardiacScience PowerHeart AED Trainer, and a lot more....over $1300.00 dollars worth of goodies for $435.00!


Affiliate Links
If you have not signed up for the American EHS / American CPR Affiliate web link are missing out...we had over 500,000 visitors last month, and they could not find you....SIGN UP TODAY (see details in the August Newsletter) Click here for the form to sign up!

What to expect in upcoming issues
In upcoming issues, you'll find these exciting topics:

  • Mexico ~ American EHS / American CPR becomes first nationally recognized certifying body.

  • American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructors and Training Centers start their own internet First Aid Kit & Supply stores, with no inventory, no shipping, no work...just profit

  • American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructors and Training Centers can issue certification in over 60 OSHA training topics

  • American EHS / American CPR introduces Canine & Feline CPR and Pet First Aid

  • New ways to promote your business

Write to us at: give us your suggestions for this newsletter, your success stories, student rescue stories, and anything else you would like to see in upcoming issues. Our staff will review every email received. Now, Read above for this Month's important topics!

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