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Welcome to the January issue of the American EHS / American CPR monthly Affiliate Instructor Newsletter!

January 2004

American EHS / American CPR launches "Business in a Bag™" ~ the perfect starter Pack for a new Training Center
Many of you took advantage of our FREE AED Trainer program last year, and the responses were fantastic! As a result, we have created a similar offer for 2004, Our new "Business in a Bag™" is the perfect answer for new Instructors or Training Centers just entering the market, or existing Instructors & Training Centers looking to expand their business, prepare for the upcoming leap in AED training requirements, or those that just love to save money!

What the "Business in a Bag™" includes:

AED Training System


1 Adult/ Child CPR Prompt® Manikin,

10 Adult/Child faceshield lungbags

3 sets of ElectroLast™ AED Trainer Electrode Peel-Off Pad (pat. pending) fits CardiacScience for CPR Prompt & similar type manikins

Custom Heavy Duty American CPR nylon carry bag with foam padding & compartments for training materials.

American EHS / American CPR Instructor Classroom Presentation Pack Including:

§ Foam Anatomical Heart
§    Four Dry Erase Pens
§     4” x 4” Felt Squares 
(to demonstrate bleeding control)
§     2 Actual 4” x 4” Compresses
§     2 Triangular Bandages

§     2 shoelaces (for splinting demonstration)
§     2 Tongue Depressors
§     Elastic Bandage
§     Syrup of Ipecac 
§     1 “Magic Pen”

All in an Embroidered American EHS / American CPR Instructor Attaché with 18 compartments!

CardiacScience Powerheart G3 AED Trainer with AED Marketing Materials & AED Grant Applications.

NEW American CPR Video ~ “First Response: the ABCD’s of CPR Bystander”

NEW American CPR Video ~ “First Response: the ABCD’s of CPR Professional – INCLUDES AED

AMBU ResCue Mask Hard Case Basic

AMBU Spur Adult w/ Med Mask (Bag-Valve-Mask)

American EHS/American CPR Embroidered Instructor Shirt! 

AED20 ~ Automated External Defibrillation with Adult CPR Review: 
2 Student 10 packs include (total):                 EXPANDED AND NOW 4 COLOR!
~20 student outlines   ~20 pens  ~20 wallet reminders ~20 skill check off forms
~20 course evaluations ~2 sign in rosters ~ ~20 certification cards 

COMB20 ~ CPR/ First Aid Combination       EXPANDED AND NOW 4 COLOR!
2 Student 10 packs include (total):          
~20 student outlines  ~20 course evaluations  ~20 wallet reminders  ~20 pens             
~20 each:  20 piece First Aid Kits   ~20 certification cards  ~2 sign in rosters

CPR10 ~ CPR 2 Student 10 packs include (total): EXPANDED AND NOW 4 COLOR!
~20 student outlines     ~20 pens    ~20 wallet reminders
~20 course evaluations  ~20 certification cards   ~2 sign in rosters

Similar to last year's promotion, including the FREE AED TRAINER, and with materials for certifying 60 students! Almost $1300 worth of training materials for $500... save about $800!
Click here for the order form!

American EHS / American CPR Insurance program with National Professional Group, through Lloyds of London
American EHS / American CPR launched it's Affiliate Instructor Insurance program last Month. If you have tried to get insurance, you know how difficult it can be for Individual Safety Instructors and small groups to obtain affordable liability insurance...we've had the same problem for years. Now American EHS / American CPR has arranged special "Instructor Only" insurance that makes it possible to cover yourself from liability at an affordable price. Click here to view the program online!
(All Instructor's who wish to receive subcontract training from American EHS / American CPR MUST have liability insurance)

Obtain an online professional liability coverage quote for cpr training activities.

Affiliate Links create Business Boom
Affiliate CPR training links were added to our link pages at some of our web sites late last Month, and even with the usual Holiday slow down in safety training, American EHS / American CPR Affiliates received 439 leads in the first few weeks! ... this link system will propagate throughout our network of 40+ safety websites over the next months. You should be receiving safety training requests via email from these pages, if you are not, check your link at: and make sure you have completed the steps and returned your Link Application form;  Click here for the form! 

Comments from Instructors:

"The referral program is great it helps us compete with other large national training program like the "American Red Cross", and it is providing a real service to your training instructors and the general public.  The referrals clearly adds value to the our relationship with American CPR. I am looking forward to the additional leads as the links are added to all 40 websites!  I will probably add additional community classes to my schedule and what is great is the community classes are usually scheduled at time that they do not conflict with classes I teach under subcontract to American CPR ."
~ Ray ~ California ~ (received 42 referrals in 3 weeks)

" I have received a lot of email traffic pertaining to your referrals. It is always good for business to touch base with new people! I have somewhat created an email draft to respond to the inquiries however the information I provide each person is different depending on the area the client is in. Thanks for everything, we look forward to continuing our relationship."
~ Alison ~ Texas ~  (received 22 referrals in 3 weeks)

Suggestions for making the most of your email leads:

  • Price your Community Class enrollment competitively, check your competition, and price your classes just below their pricing. (AEHS/ACT materials are the least expensive on the market, so under-pricing your competition should be easy!)

  • Hold your Community Classes in easy to find locations according to a regular schedule, at convenient times. (Many schools and community centers will allow you free use of their facilities, and others will make a deal with you if you offer their personnel discounted training when they attend your community classes...try regular classes like "the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each Month" this makes your training something that employers can plan for and schedule for their new hires!)

  • Check your email EVERY DAY, and set up an email "Template" or "Draft" for easy response. (The faster you respond to the individual leads you receive, the more likely they will enroll in your classes ~ the longer they have to wait for your response, the more likely they are to enroll elsewhere.)

Every lead means money in your pocket, so be sure to provide as much helpful and interesting information as possible! Leads vary drastically by geography, season, and may receive 1 lead one Month, and 50 the next.... be prepared to handle whatever comes your way!

American EHS / American CPR Full color, expanded Student & Instructor Materials
In October, American EHS / American CPR Released our New, expanded full color Student Training Materials, teaching the ABCD's of CPR at Bystander and Professional CPR levels. Many of you have seen the new materials, and we have received OUTSTANDING feedback from those of you who have used the new materials. As part of our promotion of the new materials, as well as our commitment to introduce the essential principals of Early Defibrillation to the population, we have held the prices on these materials down at 1998 pricing so you could all stock up. As of 2/15/04, there will be a slight increase in price on these materials, so we encourage all American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructors and Training Centers to Stock up now. You may still use the 2003 order form which has the same prices we have offered since 1998 until February 15th, when the new prices take effect. (Download the old order form here) You will receive the new, full color materials, but at the old pricing. ***Note even our slightly higher 2004 pricing for the expanded, full color materials is 20% - 75% below any other national training group! (To see price comparison, click here)

As of  February 15, 2004 you will see these Price & Product changes:

Price Since 1998 New Price Effective 2/15/04


CPR Student 10 pack:
~10 student outlines (was 4 pages/in 1 color ~ Now 12 pages full color!)
~10 pens  ~10 wallet reminders
~10 course evaluations
(*AEHS Affiliates also receive 10 certification cards & 1 sign in roster)
Also available in Spanish & French!




CPR50 Multiply contents times 5 (save 8%) $137.50 $161.00
CPR100 Multiply contents times 10 (save 17%) $250.00 $325.50


OSHA Standard First Aid Student 10 pack:
~10 student outlines(was 8 pages/in 1 color ~ Now 12 pages full color!)
~10 course evaluations  ~10 pens                    ~10 First Aid Kits (20 pieces each)
(*AEHS Affiliates also receive 10 certification cards & 1 sign in roster)
Also available in Spanish & French!



FA50 Multiply contents times 5 (save 5%) $237.50 $261.00
FA100 Multiply contents times 10 (save 10%) $450.00 $495.00



CPR/ First Aid Combination Student 10 pack:
~10 student outlines(was 12 pages/in 1 color ~ Now 20 pages full color!)
~10 course evaluations  ~10 wallet reminders      ~10 pens 
~10 First Aid Kits (20 pieces each)
(*AEHS Affiliates also receive 10 certification cards & 1 sign in roster)

Our Best Value! 2 Classes in one!




COMB50 Multiply contents times 5 (save 5%) $292.50 $332.00
COMB100 Multiply contents times 10 (save 10%) $585.00 $630.00


Automated External Defibrillation w/ Adult CPR Review Student 10 pack:
~10 student outlines  (was 4 pages/in 1 color ~ Now 8 pages full color!)     
~10 pens ~10 wallet reminders
~10 skill check off forms  ~10 course evaluations 
(*AEHS Affiliates also receive 10 certification cards & 1 sign in roster) 



AED 50 Multiply contents times 5 (save 5%) $137.50 $180.00
AED 100 Multiply contents times 10 (save 10%) $250.00 $342.00

Order by 2/15/4, and get the new, expanded, full color versions at the old, smaller one color pricing.

American EHS / American CPR Introduces new "Cheap & Wow" First Aid video.
OK, we know... You are not supposed to say "cheap" in business it is supposed to be "inexpensive" or a "great value", but our new First Aid Video being released next Month is CHEAP! Just $79.00 introductory price ($99.00 regular retail) instead of the going rate of $199.00, this full length (one hour), brand new First Aid video covers every section of our OSHA Standard First Aid & Emergency Care program in up to date (no 60's clothing) real-life scenarios, easy to follow narrated presentations, state of the art animated graphic multimedia presentations, and easy "Pause and review" segmentation that allows an Instructor to utilize all or part of the video as part of  the First Aid Course presentation. A great aid, especially when teaching a combined CPR & First Aid course! Available next month.

American EHS / American CPR Instructor Contest
Keep your eyes peeled for next Month's Affiliate Instructor Newsletter...Big Contest ~ Big Prizes! We cannot tell you more right now, you'll just have to wait and see, HOWEVER, here's a hint...the sooner you respond, the bigger the prize! (Newsletter will be emailed sometime between 2/13/04 & 2/17/04, so check your email regularly!)

What to expect in upcoming issues
In upcoming issues, you'll find these exciting topics:

  • American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructors and Training Centers start their own internet First Aid Kit & Supply stores, with no inventory, no shipping, no work...just profit

  • American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructors and Training Centers can issue certification in over 60 OSHA training topics

  • American EHS / American CPR introduces Canine & Feline CPR and Pet First Aid

  • CPR Voice Prompter Instructor Promo

  • New ways to promote your business

Write to us at: give us your suggestions for this newsletter, your success stories, student rescue stories, and anything else you would like to see in upcoming issues. Our staff will review every email received. Now, Read above for this Month's important topics!

(You will be able to find archive copies of all American EHS/ American CPR Newsletters at )

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